Drawing Kids into Mathematics!

Using Turtle Art, Scratch, MicroWorlds & Terrapin Logo

Let your students amaze you with their mathematical minds as they create art with turtle geometry!

Turtle geometry in available in a number of LOGO style programming languages. We will explore Scratch, Turtle Art, MicroWorlds EX, MicroWorlds JR and Terrapin Logo.

Programming? Coding? Don’t worry! These tools are designed to be easy enough for children and yet powerful enough for all ages.

Many students have difficulty understanding & enjoying mathematics. As they create art, students will come to understand coordinate geometry, angles, operations, variables, and distances as they draw their way into being mathematicians.

What is Turtle Geometry?

You give a turtle a sequence of commands and it draws for you!

Turtle Art and Scratch

These commands are specified by snapping together puzzle-like blocks. The turtle then draws lines and arcs, goes to a specific place on the screen, etc. Some blocks let you repeat or name sequences. Other blocks perform logical operations.
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.57.44 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.31.17 PM.pngexternal image cat1.png

MicroWorlds and Terrapin Logo

MicroWorlds and Terrapin Logo are much the same—but they are text-based—so you type commands into a command centre to teach the turtle new procedures.

external image masthead.jpgexternal image logo.gif

Mathematical Processes

Understand the fit with elementary & middle school mathematics curriculum.
The mathematical processes that support effective learning in mathematics as stated by the Ontario Mathematics curriculum are as follows:
  • problem solving
  • reasoning and proving
  • reflecting
  • selecting tools and computational strategies
  • connecting
  • representing
  • communicating

I would add another such as:
  • wondering, tinkering, playing